Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog!  We are an English couple who moved from a small
village not too far from Stamford Lincolnshire in August 2004, to this glorious
part of France.  It took us a while to search out, buy and restore our property.
We created a gite in the old house dating from the 1800's and then
created our own house from a duck barn, which was across the road and
a bit further down than the gite.  We had our ups and downs with the process but we were
very lucky and most things went smoothly.  However, we did employ a French architect to
oversee the whole project - thankfully!! 

We then realised our (my) dream of owning llamas and found 4 fabulous
male llamas right on our doorstep.  We had been looking for ages and in the
interim happened to visit Monsieur Le Maire, who we told of our search.  He
immediately told us about André Richard who breeds the most beautiful and
gentle llamas we have come across.  He is absolutely passionate
about blood lines and has gone to South America & Canada to purchase his
stud males.  The amazing thing was, that he is only located
about 30 minutes from us in Villefranche de Rouergue.  So now we own (or
they own us - I'm not sure of the pecking order) 4 gorgeous male llamas and
André has been an absolute angel with us - helping us with shearing and
all the practical aspects.

So after all that, we finally managed to get back to one of our other passions,
which are antiques and collectables.  We have always lived in houses that need
restoration, repair or conversion and we have spent countless hours in our
search for that "special piece for that specific place".  We have extended that now
and travel all over the beautiful South West of France in pursuit of that special
piece for someone else's special place - and what a joy it is.
So the dream becomes reality.

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