Friday, November 12, 2010

Limping llama and pouring rain

Another week almost over and the weather is not great.  I hate those days were we are doused in rain or hidden in mist.  Give me crisp, sharp, cold dry days any time!  We have also had gusty winds, the wind often blows a hooley around us.  We are not that high at 485 meters but its enough to catch a rare breeze.  The swimming pool resembles minestrone soup and the little marbled newt that we discovered in the pool was well camouflaged by oak leaves.

We were off early on Monday morning heading up to the Cantal on a buying trip.  It was a good day and we came back with some nice stuff even if we did get soaked in the process.  We love heading up to this departement for the day.  It is always an good excuse to eat out.  The monday before we were in Pamiers in the Ariege.  That is one of the great benefits of this business - we get to see other parts of France on a regular basis.  I will never forget the first time that we headed to Pamiers and saw the full majesty of the Pyrénées laid out before us.  It was worth the trip itself and really did take our breath away.

We have been keeping an eye on our poor limping llama Rancho.  The vet has been out to him twice and injected him with pain killers and anti-inflammatories.  Apparently, it could take 2 to 3 weeks to heal as he believes it is muscular.  It's so sad to see the usually cocky Rancho sat on his own in the rain, while the others wander away munching contentedly.  Not that his leg stops him munching - he just sits down and does it!!
He is taking his medicine like a little angel each day - thankfully!  So fingers crossed he will soon be on the mend.  By the way the photograph shows Rancho with his mate Chiclayo in better weather and without his limp!

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