Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Little Cross Eyed Cat Called Moki

This is Moki.  He is a little grey and white cross-eyed feral cat with an amazing character.  We started off calling him Smokey Joe but it gradually got shortened to Moki and it suits him better.

  We have been feeding him for about 2 years now and he still won’t let us touch him and probably never will. 

 He is so cute but being a butch un-neutered male he would probably not appreciate the cute tag!  His habits have gradually changed and it was hit and miss if he got fed, as we had to see him there.  He would just hang around outside until we cottoned on that he was waiting for his supper.  Now he is much more direct and comes and puts his paws on the French windows and meows.  We think it is probably something like “a table for one and make it snappy”! 

The really funny thing is that often one packet of cat food is not enough and he comes back to the window and cries for another packet!  We always give him another if he does that, as we have no idea what else he eats.  His vision is not great because of his problem with his eyes and you can see that it takes him awhile to find his bowl and we think it is more smell than vision that gets him there. 

He is a fabulous little character but our own cat, Smudge does not agree.  She is unwell now and at 18 years of age has lost her nose to cancer.  She still gets a lot from life and eats and drinks and sleeps.  Pain is kept under control by regular injections from the vet.  You would not think that Moki would bother her but her territorial instincts are still sharp and determined.  She saw Moki outside and although she is a big cat, he did not see her approaching until she was really close and I had yelled to warn him.  When he realised she was there, he leapt so high that my heart nearly stopped as he almost came back down into he swimming pool.  Thankfully, he found the earth and took off at top speed with our geriatric cat close behind.  She gave up on catching him but made sure that he knew he was on her home turf.

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