Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decorating, Disasters & Deer!

Well things are crazy at the moment as we desperately try to get some decorating out of the way before friends arrive to stop with us overnight next week.  Isn’t it always the same though, as soon as you set yourself a target everything gets in the way to stop you achieving it?  We started when the weather began its artic impersonation, which then gave us the added chore of cleaning stables as the llamas were on bed and breakfast terms until the weather improved.  They got quite used to it after initially objecting that we were imprisoning them within 4 walls.  I think that the hays sacks and treats had something to do with it.  Then our pipes froze and it took 4 hours to defrost them with my hairdryer and warm air blowers.  It was –9 outside and inside the stables where the pipes had frozen, it was –6 and that was with 4 large llamas snoozing away.  Then the car broke down and then the computer decided not to be left out and it too gave up the ghost!

It is our office and storeroom that is currently undergoing a face-lift, which would be appropriate for me after all this.  My hair is beautifully streaked with primer and emulsion and is just waiting for the oil-based eggshell for the finishing touch.  We have decamped to the hallway with all the paraphernalia that is usually in the office, desk, printer, filing cabinet, spare files, paper, packaging materials etc.  Any interior designer would be jealous of the look we have managed to create – Sheddy Chic is what we call it as it looks like a garden shed!

It’s amazing that I have any hair left to streak with paint as I spend most of my time tearing it out.  My long suffering has had to put up with HRH (Hormone Ridden Hag) as my obsessive need for order and tidiness drives me around the bend.

  It has also meant that we have forgone any foraging for the last couple of weeks.  So I can’t wait until things are back in sync and we can head off and happily search for a few more time worn treasures.  The weather is ideal for it at the moment and we woke yesterday to find 3 beautiful little deer grazing at the bottom of the garden.  However, it is also great for decorating so ho hum better get on.

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