Monday, April 2, 2012

Linen Fest & Feather Fetish

I've done it again!  I keep telling myself to stop buying linens because it really is a self indulgent purchase.  Self indulgent that is until I get home and realise that I am in for a lot of work with all the washing and ironing but what the heck, to be surrounded by all this luscious gorgeousness is a kind of bliss.  I thought that I would give you a little taste of some of the delicious banqueting tablecloths and napkins and torchons and linen loveliness that I have just purchased.

We went out buying on a fabulous sunny Sunday.  Up at 4.30pm but it was well worth it.  The skies were bluer than blue with not a cloud in sight.  Look how this amazing tree was etched against the poetic spring sky!

It was quite chilly when we arrived at our destination in the Tarn but later on in the afternoon it was sweltering.  At one of the markets we went to, I managed to find (at last) a 6 meter telescopic feather duster that will reach up to one of the windows in our hallway.  Here is the window in question:

So far, to clean this window, I have had to bring in the ladders and with a stomach full of fear, climb up as far as a I dare, with a feather duster stapled to a long piece of wood.  I know that it sounds crazy but its true.  Now to my absolute delight, I can get at it from the floor.  Plus, what is even more exciting, is that the feather dust can be bent to reach into corners.  I was so excited about this that I began to think that maybe my life is just a little bit sad!

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