Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Old Oak Is A Goner

Wow!  What is happening to our weather.  It seems that the whole world is getting battered about by nature.  What a Saturday it was here!  It got quite scary, the wind was so strong.  Our patio furniture was flying around being chased by our pot plants!!  I was sat working in the office and the gravel on the terrace was hitting the window at regular intervals.

Later on in the the afternoon, I went to take a look out of the window and was so sad to find our wonderful old oak lying on its side!  I remember when we came to view the property that I walked down to this old tree and took in the view and just knew that it had to be this place, even though our home at that stage  looked like this.

I had visions of getting one of those circular tree seats and sitting there on a hot summers evening with the hoopoes and the golden oriels singing their little hearts out.  It is proably a good thing that we never got around to affording the seat!  The best we did was put a table and chairs by the tree and it was just a magical place to sit.

The next thing that we noticed was a tree on the otherside of one of the llamas fields had too been uprooted.  This time the roots had lifted the fence and buckled one of the fence posts.  Chinchero did not seem too bothered about it!

Just look how wonderful the weather was at this point on Sunday the afternoon.  Later on it became as black as armageddon and we had to unplug the TV and the computer for fear of another lightening strike.  We have had a couple of close calls with lightening striking very close by and blowing our electricity out.  One strike hitting the tree at the side of the house.  We heard what sounded like an explosion and saw bits of burning tree flying across the grass.  The tree now has a split in it but is still living.

Anyway here's hope for a wonderful May - my favourite month of the year.  Meantime, my thoughts go out to all of your who are struggling with the weather and suffering far worse than a fallen tree.

À Bientôt xxxx


  1. Hi Janette,
    Thanks so much for visiting me! I love making new blog friends, especially living in one of favourite places.

    I am so sorry about your tree, how devastation, it makes our woodwork problem seem small on the boat.

    I suppose there is a positive side. The tree can offer you warmth in the winter if you use it for firewood. It also gives you the opportunity to plant a new tree and watch it grow as your life in France.

    I will follow your lovely blog with interest.

  2. Thank you Diane for your lovely comment & my first ever comment! You are right about the firewood and off course the pleasure of planting a new tree.
    Best Wishes J xxx